Where I can try the Syli rocking-chair?

Syli-chairs are displayead in several changing locations in Finland. These will always be informed on our "Try it!"-pages. Additional places can be suggested, especially in Sweden at the moment.


Why is the Syli rocking-chair so exceptionally comfortable?

Syli has an easily adjustable foot rest that allows almost everyone to find a very relaxed posotion for their legs and lower back. The armrests ar at a hight that is optimal for reading, knitting, babyfeeding, using you tablet...


When will new colours be extablished?

New seasonal colours will be picked up in May each year, and will be established on our website and in Facebook. You can suggest a colour of your choise, if you wish :) And for a little extra fee you can get your Syli in any colour you wish. Or build your own combination with different colours of the Pearls. If you use the current seasonal and normal colours, it's free!

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